Rpanion Electronics is a hardware accessory and software developer for the Raspberry Pi, with a focus on integration with unmanned vehicles running the Ardupilot software stack.

The Pi typically does not directly control the low level functionality of the vehicle. Rather, it does high level processing and communications – such as computer vision, path planning or routing vehicle telemetry to 4G or Wifi networks.

Interfacing Ardupilot with the companion computer is not always easy. At the hardware level, stable power and communications needs to be supplied to thePi. Meanwhile, at the software level, the telemetry and commands to/from the vehicle needs to be easily configurable and simple to use.

Until now, there has been limited hardware and software for the specific task of interfacing with Ardupilot hardware. Rpanion Electronics aims to develop simple and reliable hardware and software solutions for enabling the Pi to be easy and quickly integrated into unmanned vehicles.

Rpanion Electronics is run by Stephen Dade – you can find him on LinkedIn and Github. He is an able software, communications and electronics engineer, focusing on the Ardupilot and MAVLink ecosystems.

Contact & Support

For any support, queries or custom development, email me at stephen@rpanion.com or on Skype at stephen.dade