Back in Stock

Due to COVID-19, there have been some delays in getting the latest batch of boards back in stock. The Pi-Connect Lite board and associated cables have now arrived and can be found on the right sidebar or the “store” link above.

If you have any issues with purchasing or shipping, email me at and I’ll sort it out.

Companion Computer Primer

I’ve added a new page (You can find it on the top menu or here) to introduce companion computers. This includes explanations and examples of what they are and how they can be used.

It also gives some examples of use cases and links to relevant standards.

Product Stock

The Pi-Connect boards have sold out somewhat faster than anticipated, so we’re out of stock for the next few weeks.

We are working with our manufacturer to get a new batch in. They should be back in stock by mid-January.

So, apologies for the lack of stock and please bear with us in the meantime!

To get a reminder email when the boards are back in stock, go to the product page and enter your email address at the bottom.


To assist users in getting up and running with their Pi-Connect boards, I’ve built a customised build of the APSync software. APSync is a web-based interface for managing an Ardupilot-based flight controller. It also includes low-latency videostreaming and a Wifi hotspot. It has been customised to include the Pi-Connect specific configuration for the Raspberry Pi (although it can be run without the Pi-Connect attached).

It’s easy to install – just go to the software page and download the APSync disk image. Load the image onto an SD card using an image writer and you’ll be good to go. No extra configuration required!

Up and Running

Rpanion Electronics is up and running! The webstore should now work – let me know (via if there are any issues and I’ll fix them promptly.

The stock is a little light on – I’ve only got 8 Pi-Connect Lite boards, but I’m hoping to get more in soon.